About Us

We wish to take the reader on a journey. Be that through the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Argentine Primera Divisíon or the Welsh Premier League. Football is a worldwide game, viewed by millions, thought about throughout the day, every day. There are countless stories to be told, be that past or present. Football Foyer aims to tell them.

We aim to shine a light on obscure stories, whilst also highlighting prominent issues within the game. We’ve covered everything from South Korea and Japan’s co-hosting of the 2002 World Cup, through to Ado Den Haag’s polluting under Chinese ownership. A Groundhopper tale is featured on site from time to time, whilst we recently launched our first Welsh language feature: Barn y ffan (The fan’s opinion).

We hope to give aspiring writers a chance to showcase their skills, future editors the perfect platform and talented designers an audience. We aim to offer match-attending insight and a fanzine-like edge that leads to content that both writer and reader can relate to alike.

If you have an interest in joining Football Foyer, please get in contact via email or by visiting the Write For Us page. If you’re from a newspaper or website and you come across a Football Foyer piece you’d like to re-print – please get in contact. We are prepared to listen to any comments you have about our site and any guidance you may have in helping us develop further.

Danny – Editor, Football Foyer.